Project information

  • Category: Internship - NDA
  • Role: Gameplay developer intern
  • Project date: 29/09/2017
  • Tags: Co-op, C++, Camera

Internship at Turtleneck Studios: RITE of ILK

RITE of ILK is a cooperative exploration-adventure played entirely by two players and supports both local multiplayer and online multiplayer.

During my internship:

RITE of ILK was the main project of turtleneck studios and the first game I have worked on as a gameplay programmer. This was the first project where I collaborated with professionals to help to create their vision towards actual game mechanics. Next to creating I also had to help with refactoring existing code to improve the quality of the code and the game.

What I did working on RITE of ILK:

  • Prototyped several mechanics.
  • Refactored and maintained several mechanics.
  • Support, helped to improve and debug existing gameplay features.
  • Helped to work on new gameplay mechanics.
  • Worked on new camera mechanics.
  • Code reviews weekly.