Project information

Shotgo 2.0

After creating Shotgo, our first Unreal Engine 4 game in an early version of Unreal Engine 4, we decided to remake this cool project with all of our gained experience.

Shotgo 2.0 is a multiplayer pogo first-person shooter, it is an first-person shooter where the player never truly stands still and has to top the other players to become the best. Controlled movement is important to gain momentum which can be key to outplay your opponents. Shotgo 2.0 has added network prediction and the Steam API to enable our steam accounts to play against each other.

The game is fully written in C++, except visual feedback such as the animation states and visual feedback on the screen (UMG)

Things I have worked on during Shotgo 2.0:

  • Networking
  • UI
  • Gameplay, skills and gun combat
  • Quality assurance
  • Gameloop